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A personal testimony -- we sell Millie's All-Purpose Penetrating Tung Oil because we've been using it for years. We've not found a better finish.

More information: Millie's All-Purpose Penetrating Tung Oil


Bowl Finished With Millies Tung OilBy 2004 I was turning about 25 wood salad bowls a year, and looking for a wood finish that I did not mind applying, was food safe, and delivered waterproofing. I saw on the internet that wiping varnishes were popular for this type of application. However, after trying two I was quite disappointed. I noticed that the pieces had a high gloss shine and all of the tactile properties of the wood had been covered up by the resins. The pieces looked as if they had been dipped in plastic!

I thought the right path might lead to tung oil (from the Tung nut).

Pure tung oil often must be thinned with turpentine before application to raw wood, it would take longer than a week to fully cure, and I did not want these limitations.

MIllies All-Purpose Pentrating Tung OilI found Millie’s All Purpose Penetrating Tung Oil on the internet, and now I use it exclusively. The polymerized (cooked) tung oil is low viscosity and uses a citrus based thinner. I sand the bare wood to 320 grit. Then I simply flood coat my bowls three or four times until the wood will not absorb more oil; the orange smell is a nice plus. I buff with a fine woven pad, and wipe off the piece. In 72 hours I see a warm low sheen, with stunning visual depth into the wood, and yet my fingertips can still feel the fine wood fibers.

The finish is complete after applying a top coat of blended carnauba wax and walnut oil. I produce about 50 pieces a year now and they are placed in ten galleries; I have no doubt that Millie’s is a great aid with the presentation and performance of my heirloom bowls. I am still amazed at how a maple burl bowl explodes with color and depth after Millie’s goes on!

Scott Trumbo
Sales and Marketing Manager
Serious Toolworks, Inc.

Heartwood Bowls

Millie’s All Purpose Penetrating Tung Oil

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