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Woodturning Tools:

Serious Ultimate GougeThis finest lathe tool is machined from a Super High Speed Steel alloy, delivering unmatched hardness and very strong toughness. The Rockwell C hardness (HRC) of these gouges actually measure between 68 HRC and 70 HRC, which places them only below the carbide tools in hardness;--and this translates to unmatched wear resistance for woodturning! With the Serious Ultimate Gouge you will make far fewer trips to the grinder, and the tool life will be 4 to 8 times what standard M2 delivers--guaranteed.

The Serious Ultimate Bowl Gouges are 1/2" and 5/8” x 12” and parabolically fluted from end to end, with the double ends CNC rounded. The tool does not arrive sharpened so that you can apply your personal grind to your gouge (standard aluminum oxide wheel). The tool length combined with the use of the Serious Camlock Handle provides 9” of useful steel (more premium steel for your money), or you can plant your Serious Ultimate Bowl Gouge in your turned wood handle.

This super high speed steel alloy is not M2, A11, 15V, 2030, or 2060; we do not intend to release the name of this alloy. What matters most is the Serious Ultimate Gouge develops a super fine edge, holds it for the longest period of time, will resist edge chipping, and clears high volumes of dry or wet shavings quickly. This is the finest bowl gouge made,--anywhere.

As with all of our tools, if the Serious Ultimate Bowl Gouge at any point in time fails to exceed your expectations you may return it with a 100% refund.

Serious Ultimate Bowl Gouges:

00-112: 1/2" x 12" $99.95
00-158: 5/8” x 12” $124.95


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